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By no means exhaustive or complete, just an overview of the digital video and commercials

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Navy GorgonBox

Alltel ManCave

AlltelRacing - Pitcrew

Chevy Tahoe - User Generated Video Composer

Navy GorgonBox

I've been fortunate over the years to have been part of a team that has been able to push the boundaries of video on the internet, using green screen integrated with our executions, or concepts designed from the ground up to work integrated with video content.

I've also worked on tv spots, and as our clients became more comfortable with the idea of digital video, whole video concepts designed solely for online or for targeted purposes.

The use of these run the gamut, and what started out as tacked on or re-edits of existing spots, quickly turned into dedicated days, and then to second units and finally with whole dedicated shoots. Our team has done it all.

Some Highlights:
Alltel ManCave - Steadycam, scripted videos and interactive spotlights

Navy- CGI and typographic Teaser

Alltel Holiday - Scripted Digital Video Stop-motion videos and tv spot

Alltel- Green Screen interactive videos for both sites and online media- including groundbreaking interactive button overlays

Alltel - Finale TV spot and TV spot for the new Racing Driver

Chevy- User Generated Content video for both Tahoe and HHR and product demos

Alltel Sports - Various video and typographic solutions, Multi-camera Pit-Crew interactive videos and live webcast