Interactive Map

Interactive Campus Guide for Lawrence Tech.

Production. Motion Design. Illustration

Defrost Design



The Full map, pulled out.

Video - this was rendered in a style similar to our map.

Detail of Location Push-in

As a follow-up to our Lawrence Tech Nav Design with Defrost, we were brought back to execute an interactive campus map. As with any Defrost project, the challenge became in creating a playful and interactive framework to navigate within.

The central concept was a consistent grid on the left pane that would interchange out (not dissimilar to ClearBlue), and allow the right side to change out database-fed content. I re-used the motion types from the Nav project and rebuilt them (naturally, all your old code needs to be) to be better performing.

In addition, I illustrated a new campus illustration for the project using Google maps, and rendering axonometrically - which is a fun challenge if you're up for it.

The map is live on if you'd like to find your way around.