Microsite Platform

A well-designed flexible Flash platfrom to quickly allow the company to create branded microsites for their projects.

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Draxhall Loader

Star Wars Skin

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SozoJump Reskin

A portion of the Expanded Menu

Toronto-based illustration company Draxhall approached me about refreshing their microsite properties. They had created flash sites for each project they worked on, but they were cumbersome, and required extensive re-work to update and skin each time.

I set out to design a platform that would allow for skinnability of key elements, that would allow for differentiating characteristics, but still have the 'sexy' factor they were looking for. In turn, because of my experience with templated systems, I could create something that could be easily updated and scaled with no coding expereince - but NOT look like it.

The resulting platform has a fluidity and sense of individuality, but still scales to an infinite number of images, write-ups, sub-galleries and cross-linking. Everything on the site is polished to HUM and SING. Resizing the browser triggers animated functions, the menus scale and more. A very polished experience.