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Years ago, before Facebook or even MySpace existed, I had this stupid belief that online communities could be more than just a home to griefers and bitching. I also loved comics, and recognized that comics fans, though vocal, also had the same core 'circle the wagons' belief when it came to the medium itself. I had the good fortune to then sit next to Josh Hamman, who had grown up with an upstart author named Geoff Johns. So I started working on his site with Josh - to practice those beliefs. In 2001, ComicBloc spun out of Geoff's online community had become so big that it was outpacing Geoff himself. We made the decision to spin its own entity out of it, in order to retain independence and avoid any legal issues with Geoff's exclusive contract with DC comcis.

Practically, this caused us to explode our membership and professional relationships. Over the 10 years we've been running ComicBloc, membership has blossomed from 600 members to over 75,000 at the time of this writing. It's one of the largest and well-respected sites for DC comics discussion on the internet.

It also means that I've had over 10 years of social media experience: forums, wordpress, open-source CMS's - and all the other problems that arise therein. We used our platform to help artists without technical experience gain exposure and have blog platforms we maintained, as well as community outreach: moderated chats, forum contact, and more. Practically, it was a good way for me to learn my way around Drupal, Mambo, Joomla, Wordpress, ikonboard, vBulletin, etc.

The other thing we wanted to try with ComicBloc was something more designed - which we did partially to help separate us from other comic sites, and help elevate the standing of the site. ]

In 2005, we decided to dip our hand into the content CREATION side of the online comics world - forming a news portal with several editors and authors. This ran for several years before we halted to retool (we were technically hacked and lost all our data, thanks to Joomla's multiple security holes) - at the time we had over 1000 pieces of content.

In July of 2011, we relaunched from a ground-up rearchitecture with a weekly magazine format and new design. This process is still ongoing as we are reinventing the idea of what a forum can be - but I'll update that when it launches. Good stuff, you should start reading.